1) I'm trying to make a payment using Afterpay but it isn't getting processed?

Afterpay payment has a minimum order amount of $100. If your order is lesser than this amount, you can opt for paypal/visa/mastercard.

2) I left a review on a product but it doesn't show the verified tag?

We send out an email to you a couple of days after your order has been delivered to your address. If you leave a review using the email sent, the verified tag is attached automatically as we can vouch for the integrity of the review. However, if you leave a review directly on the product page by visiting the website, then your review is still displayed but doesn't contain the verified tag.

3) How do I get the best deals/discounts/sale information?

On rare occasions, we send out emails when we have a bunch of new products added to the website or when we are running a special seasonal sale. Make sure to occasionally check your spam folder as per your email settings.